The Use of Enzymes for Healthy Skin

Information obtained from Skin Inc.

Enzymes…These powerful biological molecules are an excellent source to help achieve luminous, radiant skin. Enzymes serve as a catalyst for most cellular functions. Some help break larger molecules down, so they are more easily absorbed, while others bind molecules to produce new molecules. Enzymes exist in every living thing – animals and botanicals. These powerhouse molecules are very effective in skin regeneration and help to achieve a radiant, luminous glow to your skin. Enzymes applied topically digest the cells of the stratum corneum. Enzymes also speed up the rate of most chemical reactions that take place in cells. Enzymes are needed to initiate the production of melanin as an example. They break down old cells that clog up pores and prevent the penetration of other topicals. Enzymes provide nourishing and skin-building benefits, in addition to digestive actions.

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