About Vitality Face & Body

Vi*tal*i*ty:  abundant physical & mental energy or vigor, usually combined with a wholehearted & joyous approach to situations & activities.  Power to live & endure!

Quiet Your Mind, Relax Your Body, Restore Your Vitality

We all have stressors in life and those stressors can and will take a toll on our bodies, affecting us both physically and mentally. In short, our vitality for life is diminished. At Vitality Day Spa you will enjoy a casual, comfortable and relaxing environment to help restore your vitality. Our licensed professionals can assist you with body work in the form of therapeutic massage or body treatments. We also offer skin care by licensed estheticians who can help you achieve your skin care goals.  Our skin care products are award-winning and developed by medical doctors, dermatologists and Mohs surgeons; so you can rest assured that you are getting the best in products for your skin care.

As licensed therapists and estheticians we strive to continue our education in body work and skin care to offer you the best services to help restore your vitality.