Did you know that massage is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself? Massage therapy helps relieve tension that is held in the soft tissue of the body. By manipulating the soft tissue of the the body, massage can help break down muscular and fascial (the connective tissue that runs throughout our bodies) adhesions. When this is done, an overall sense of well-being and homeostasis can be restored to our often over worked bodies. Not only is tension and stress relieved, blood flow and oxygen in the body is increased as well as lymph flow. Clients are often made aware of muscular holding patterns which happen daily that they are unaware of. Once aware of these patterns and learning to give yourself cues to release or relax those areas throughout the day can help individuals maintain a more relaxed, less tense posture.

At Vitality, we help bring homeostasis and renewed vitality back to your body through massage/body work techniques that benefit you. That may include hot-stone, deep tissue, Swedish, or a combination with stretching and massage cupping. You will feel the difference after a session with one of our highly skilled therapists. Call us today to discuss your body work needs.